Friday, October 4, 2013

Can Christians desire to be wealthy?

This seems to be a bit of a sore subject for many. Obviously Christians can be wealthy; we need wealthy people to generously give to the Kingdom. Even looking at the prophetic history of IHOPKC; to make this prayer movement become what it is today, generous financial givers were most definitely needed. It is all about how you use the money that you are given. 

I know I have had the same thoughts as many my age have had, “if only I was wealthy, I could give so much more to the Kingdom.” We want to make such a big impact in peoples lives, and it seems like we only think this can be accomplished if you have a large amount of money. But it is so much more than that. It is using what the Lord has given you. If you have a large income you are held accountable for using that money wisely, and one can be just as faithful in giving with only a small income. The Lord is the only one who sees how much you make and how much you sow, and more money comes with more responsibility. If you were a multi-millionaire, and the opportunity to give a million dollars came up, would you be faithful and actually give it? These are the kind of questions that I hope I would be faithful to respond correctly to if the situation arose.

The dangerous ground comes in when Christians desire to be wealthy. That “desire” is very risky, and can cause many to sets their sights on wealth as opposed to God. It is a fine line, which you do not want to be flirting with.

To answer the question: Yes. They can desire to be wealthy, but they shouldn’t. 

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